Health Care Industry

Health Care Industry

Dominion Voice and Data is proud to be involved in the Healthcare Industry, and we understand the unique responsibilities associated with providing phone and data services to Hospitals and Doctor's offices throughout the country.

Communication is of utmost importance in a high-intensity environment, like a hospital. Nurses need to be contacted immediately in the case of an emergency, with little to no mistakes on the technical side. There must be a reliable system that these health workers depend on. Reliable phone systems for healthcare workers is paramount.

With premise based wireless telephones from SpectraLink, nurses and other care-givers can keep their attention on their patients, knowing they have a reliable and efficient method of communication at their side.

A great system of communications will effectively minimize downtime, improve patient care, and improve nurse retention by giving them the right tools for the job. We will help meet your mobile communications needs with solutions that interoperate with new or existing VoIP or call control systems, providing business-grade telephone functionality and nurse call integration to a wireless device.

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