Providing Workspace as a Service (WaaS)

Providing Workspace as a Service (WaaS)

At Dominion Voice and Data, we are committed to keeping our clients up to speed with solid, forward technologies. We see a future where each user has access to their own virtual computer workspace in the cloud without the need for expensive on premise equipment that rapidly depreciates in value. Through Dominion Cloud Services you have access to your data and programs just like at the office – anytime, anywhere you go. The future is now!

How does it work? Simply login from a web browser or an application on a tablet or smart phone. Either use your laptop application or login from a website to with your credentials. You will then see the computer home screen that you are already familiar with. You'll have access to all the same programs, personal files, shared files, and software that you need for work. In addition, you'll have less hassle with the Windows operating system and software, since they are continuously updated and managed for you.

By using WaaS, you can enjoy the flexibility and mobility of using any computer as your work computer. No more hassle to get that old PC up and running – just switch to a different laptop and get working! You'll see your productivity increase right away, not just for you – your whole team can more easily share data, collaborate, and connect. We provide the Workspace and you get down to business. Less distractions and frustrations.

Benefits to using Dominion Cloud Services

You might reasonably wonder, what if there's a problem? We've got systems in place to ensure that you can access your data even after a disaster. Our cloud services include full data backups and disaster recovery for all of your data. To ensure that you can always access it, we maintain geographically diverse and highly redundant Data Centers. This keeps your data and our systems running, even if a region is experiencing outages. We use Tier IV Reliability Data Centers with 99.999% uptime – so we can keep you working.

Can't work in the office due to weather conditions? Access your workspace from anywhere. Since we are a fully certified Intuit Partner, you'll even have access to programs such as QuickBooks through our hosting services.

Your IT budget will thank you – with users access their workspace through several devices and in different locations, you'll see your office PC's requiring less processing power. Long-term this will extend the life of your existing equipment and save on replacements.

Don't worry about managing user applications, access, implementation, or even employee termination. Our Cloud Services are built for easy administration and use. Available resources across your IT system will also automatically adjust to newly added users in order to maintain peak performance.

We want to help you focus on your business – with less time spent on IT repairs, setup, and frustrations.

Through our Cloud Services, you can enjoy benefits such as the aforementioned:

  • Geographically diverse and highly redundant Data Centers
  • 99.999% Uptime
  • Anywhere Access to workspaces
  • Full data backup and disaster recovery
  • Less wear and tear on office PC equipment
  • Resources for new users are easily managed

We know that when money is tight for a business, IT resources are frequently reduced. With less funds available, there is more stress to meet internal demand. Dominion's Cloud Services provide the services that you need for a price you can afford. Your CFO will praise the fixed operational costs. No more unexpected spikes in costs that blow the budget. You can invest that money you would have used for servers and equipment replacements on other parts of your business.

Services Include

We don't just offer this service and leave you to your work. You can rely on us to provide 24/7/365 monitoring and Remote Help Desk support. Think of us as your go-to IT person, available anytime you need some assistance! If you are relying on just on IT consultant or in-house specialist, you might face disaster with the occasional network breakdowns that are bound to occur. Our team of external resources can proactively monitor your installed IT at all times. This also extends to providing antivirus and malware protection, up-to-date Microsoft Office 365 licenses, and patch management.

We know that in this day in age, every business depends on their IT infrastructure to run at a high level. That is why, in addition to remote support, we offer around-the-clock PC/laptop physical device support services. Your IT infrastructure and systems are in good hands.

We believe in increasing your company's profitability and productivity, as well as giving you that competitive advantage through customized technology solutions. Our unified solutions and quality service make us the right technology adviser and partner for your business.

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