RF and Wireless Site Surveys

Our wireless site survey is designed to test your wireless network to ensure that the installed wireless equipment and infrastructure will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability, and Quality of Service required for your site and specific needs.

Signal Strength 5 GHz

There are three primary types of wireless site surveys; passive, active and RF spectrum. This wireless site survey combines all three. This wireless site survey uses dedicated wireless adapters to passively listen to all WLAN traffic, detect active access points, measure signal strength and noise level. However, the wireless adapter being used for this survey is not associated to any specific WLANs. This allows us to see all the active access points that are broadcasting in your area. We also use a dedicated wireless adapter to actively associate with your access points and measure round-trip time, throughput rates, packet loss, and retransmissions to verify performance post-deployment. The third part of our survey uses a wireless spectrum analyzer to survey and collect RF spectrum data, which is beneficial in troubleshooting high RF interference from non-802.11 sources, such as microwave ovens or cordless phones.

Before the survey, a site map is imported into our survey application and calibrated to set scale. During the data collection phase of this wireless site survey, we completed a thorough walk-test throughout your site with a portable computer, and the adapters (listed above) that continuously recorded the passive, active and RF spectrum.

Please contact our Professional Services team for more information.

Wireless Design and Planning

Signal Strength

Our wireless Design and Planning services allow us to deploy a comprehensive wireless network that is optimized to meet your organizations specific network and use requirements the first time! Successful enterprise wireless projects are accomplished with right fit designs. We start by gathering your Coverage Requirements, your organizations precise environmental conditions and any device or manufacturer specific requirements for the wireless devices used within your organization. Once we have complete understanding of the requirements and scope, our knowledgeable and experienced Professional Services team uses industry leading software and best of bread hardware from our manufacturing partners to design the optimal solution for your needs.

From initial design to final implementation and installation, our goal is to eliminate headaches, post install troubleshooting and pitfalls that plague most new wireless deployments.

If you would like more information on the most robust and complete wireless designs, please contact our Professional Services team for more information.

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